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I'll make a more substantial and less angry post later on, when I'm less annoyed, but for now....

GRRRRRR! Why are people as a species so fucking infuriating at times?!

I had my wallet stolen yesterday. Fortunately, I'm somewhat broke at the moment so there wasn't any money in there, but I still have to get all my cards replaced. Not to mention the fact I was rather attached to that wallet too. :(

The most annoying part is that I managed to get back onto the bus I'd left it on, and even managed to get the driver to stop the bus so I could look for it properly- but to absolutely no avail. I had dropped my bag sometime just before getting off my stop, and must've not noticed that the wallet had escaped. So someone must have picked it up, and not said a damn thing whilst the driver and I searched the bus for it. Whores!

Anyway, that's the wallet-related rage for now. I'll catch you guys later!
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To Cliche Or Not to Cliche?

Paris. A city whose deluding spell just never took hold of me, and still hasn't. Don't get me wrong, the sights are fantastic. Wandering through the towering Gothic arches of the Notre Dame, and climbing up its four hundred or so tiny stone steps in order to observe the city from above, shoulder to shoulder with its flock of gargoyles, to me is worth putting up with being in Paris, and amongst the ever so French Parisians, for the rest of the day.

The place is incredibly seedy in places, and incredibly dirty in others. I got this impression the first time round, and this impression still stands. Seriously, on the way to our hotel we passed an old tramp woman marking her turf doggy-style- less than a minute's walk away from Rue La Fayette, one of the city's biggest streets. Only in Paris.

This time 'round I also got to stroll through the Catacombes, the biggest ossuary there is (I think). In beauty it doesn't compare to Koste Nice (Cosst Nitz-eh) in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, but the sheer number of bones there is mind boggling. Koste Nice is decorated with the skeletal remains of thousands, about four if I remember correctly. The Catacombes houses the bones of at least a million, easily. I'll have photos of both up soon enough.

I was a little disappointed we didn't get to see the Moulin Rouge and the Espace Dali whilst over in Paris, however, I found something there that more than makes up for those losses.

He was somewhat leaner than last time I saw him, obviously he'd been roughing it on Paris' streets for two years. He reeked- his heel-length, once-immaculate black coat had been marinating him in his own BO for quite some time. Rather miraculously, however, both the facial hair and the gleaming automatic pistol were in perfect condition. I wouldn't have recognized him otherwise.

I speak of Sereth, my long lost male muse. Some, i.e me, would argue that he was my main muse, but truth is that he's just more interesting. Somehow, rather tragically, I managed to lose him- but I had no idea it was somewhere as awful as Paris. I've fed him and cleaned him up in places, and he's been talking very animatedly about both his adventures in Paris, and the few tidbits of information I've been needing for so long in order to piece together his finer details. And I couldn't be happier to see the lovable bastard.

So I found a muse in Paris. How cliche can one get?

'Til later!

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A Drive-By Posting

Just a quick note for my beloved, cherished, endearing readers...

1) I'm alive and well- just in a youth hostel at the moment that charges for internet. Thus! My virtual/cybernetic presence will not be felt for the next three days :(

2) For those of you who haven't checked yet, there's two more albums on the Multiply site: of New Year's and the local area were I was staying in. Upcoming albums will include the Hell-Fire Caves, Treasures of the British Museum, Treasures of the London Natural History Museum, Hampton Court and Tudor Cooking, Winsdor Castle, Stonehenge, Avesbury, Lacock *snorts in childish amusement* and other places I can't remember at the moment but will remember once I've looked at all the photos.

3) Umm, there is no third announcement. I just felt like another one was in order.

So for now, sayounara and fare thee well, for you ARE COSTING ME POUNDS!!1!
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third eye


Due to Wendy dearest's mewlings for another post here, I decided to follow her grandiose footsteps and write some kind of year summary type thing. A post saying farewell to what has been, quite frankly, a depressingly stagnant year. If I were in the country, I'd totally be over at Alycia and Bob's, giving the damned thing a royal alcoholic send off. But alas I'm not, and won't even be able to get anywhere near an opportunity to get myself refreshingly plastered this New Year's Eve, so I'm here posting this post. Hooray!

Though depressingly stagnant, I do have some things to thank for this year. The friendships I had made the year before have all become amazingly tighter, closer, warmer. I'm still a fair way from being 'fixed' as Alycia puts it, however I have a lot more faith in people. Or at least the people I'm friends with. I can work with that. Anyway, here's a list of stuff Mel has learnt from firsthand experience this year.

Stuff Mel has Learnt from Firsthand Experience This Year

* Do not fall for a both unperceptive and socially inept close friend. *reflects upon this, and then underlines it a few more times and traces it with bright red pen*
* Moonshine is deadlier than it tastes/smells. On a related note, swamps do not make comfortable or particularly warm places to sleep.
* Pashing is fun. Especially when it happens to you.
* If you have the choice between eighty bucks and a way to make two close friends exceedingly happy, choose the amazingly happy friends. You will not regret it. Ever.
* I'm a human being, not an automaton. Despite the pseudo-manly stoicism, I'm capable of feeling for others, of getting hurt, and all that stuff I was previously unconvinced of for so long.
* Sereth is still on holidays, the motherfucker. If anyone sees him, please either hunt him down and bag him for me (burlap sacks are FINE), or tell him he's been an exceptionally naughty boy and HE'S GOING TO GET HIS SEXY ORIENTAL BAD-ASS ASS SMOTE ONCE HIS MOTHER FINDS HIM. If this doesn't work, tell him I'll stop parading his baby photos if he comes back to me willingly.
* The same applies to Chris Nill, except she's been a naughty girl. And her ass isn't so oriental or bad-ass.
* My artwork and creature designs are better than I give them credit for. Hey, someone got *paid* for doing even the most awful of Dungeons and Dragons illustrations.
* Indie music, on occasion, is actually pretty cool to listen to. As an aside, FUCKING METAL!
* All media students who aren't Mel pretty much suck. And they don't like giving back Mel's money. Fuckers.
* Life's too short to save money.
* Life's also too short for shit films, whether you're watching them or funding the bulk of them.
* Hangovers are pretty awful, but to my experience are justified by the fun of the night before. Raging stomach aches caused by moonshine however, never.
* Always check a bicycle's handbrakes before hurtling who knows how many kilometres per hour downhill.
* Black will always be the new black. None of this "beige" crap.
* Thespionage is so hot. Thus, every aspiring terrorist needs a crash course in Shakespearean performance.
* The easiest but cheapest way of keeping New Year's resolutions is to not have any. Whoops.

Hooray for lists. Anyway, my next post may be a bunch of resolutions for next year. Being the lazy sod that I am, I've never actually made any real New Year's resolutions before. Maybe it's worth a shot.

Anyway, enjoy the New Year when it comes! And I'll be back with New Year's resolutions and more England photos next year!
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Top o' the Mornin' to Ye!

Howdy my intrepid readers! Whether you spend it celebrating and feasting amongst family members, or burning small churches with your coven, I hope you're all enjoying the Christmas season thing.

So far my stay in London has been filled with food, which is a delicious turn of events that's also annoying for the waistline. I'm hoping that regular visits to the indoor pool here will help battle the combined forces of Christmas and English food. Yeh, there's an indoor pool in the place I'm staying in. It's my dad's girlfriend's parent's place, and mein goht it's...expensive here. Like, great red wrym type expensive. I feel like a bit of a cretin for not knowing which is the entree fork and which one is the main fork, but Aimee's parents seem to understand that Australians have table manners only when necessary, and don't really believe in multiple forks.

At the moment it's twelve in the evening on the 24th, actually almost one on the 25th, so you can tell that my body clock has adjusted way too well for its own good. Thus I have learnt that the one benefit of not having much of a sleeping pattern at all is that you can adjust the hours at which it occurs pretty easily. Go team anti-jetlag!

Today we finally got out of the house for a bit, and wandered about Winsdor. We pretty much just checked out the shops there, because we're doing a tour of the castle sometime later on. I found and bagged an awesome DVD whilst there though. Snakes on a Train. No, not Snakes on a Plane, the awesomely awful B movie with Samuel L. Jackson, which I honoured by wearing and eating snakes on my flight- but Snakes on a TRAIN, the awful off-shoot made in the same year. With zombie-curses and hundreds of deadly vipers in a small contained space also filled with people, you just know that this is going to be a *great* watch.

I've got some photos of Winsdor and Eton that I should post up, however my paid LJ account has expired so I have to figure a way around that and then I can post them. There's some pretty cool stuff so far, like the amusingly named Porny School and this decrepit old house whose windows are so lopsided that they look like they're clinging onto the wall for dear life. A lot of the old English architecture here just seems to be a lack of architecture at all, so bits and pieces of old buildings have shifted over time and tend to bulge out in places like excess weight. It's pretty interesting. Especially at luncheon type things with people you barely know.

Anyway, I better scuttle off now, as I'm getting pretty tired, and should probably take this opportunity to sleep like a bitch.

I'll be back, and with photos OMG!
S&Mel ^_^
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From Awful to AWESOME

I've been here at the clinic since 7.15. I'm half dead because I just naturally don't sleep at the required time in order to be alive at this hour. Today I'm probably more than half dead though because I had to wake up early in the morning due to a pretty horrific dream. I decided at the point where my mum was going to get beaten to death and possibly even raped by a group of diseased-looking, not quite human, not quite Silent Hill zombie things that I couldn't take anymore and needed to wake up and clear my head. Very not cool. I was actually afraid of going back to sleep just in case my subconscious wanted to continue the dream where I left it, but fortunately it didn't.

In conclusion, my brain scares me, 7.15 is way too early to start working, and today at the moment really sucks. The coffee shops aren't even open at this time, so I can't even force myself into looking lively with caffeine.

However, today is going to get a fuckload better. Today, boys and girls, is Mel's last shift at the clinic EVER. So at 10.30 today, when I walk proudly outta here, I no longer have to worry about how to manipulate the other two floozies into not buggering me over, or about being put onto shifts without being consulted, or about issues at work meandering their way home and affecting relations between family members. I will actually be able to call up and chuck a sickie on the next boss I have. How awesome is that?! So yeh, I'm pretty chuffed. I'm tempted to dance in my own conga line all the way to MacDAS, but that'll take way too long. Hooray for the impending end of an oppressive regime!

Then soon afterwards, I scuttle off to England, which'll be exciting, and then when I return I start moving into my dad's place immediately. Things are gonna be awesome, and I totally can't wait.

Anyway, I think coffee places are open now so I can go get me some breakfast, so I'm off to complete that subquest for today.
Catch you all later!
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third eye

Shamelessly Ganked from Alycia

This is actually pretty funny, in a very Mel kind of way. A steamy combination of terrorists, dvds, dinosaurs, sex and bad puns ahoy!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, justvdifferent sent to me...
Twelve terrorists drumming
Eleven pyrokineticists piping
Ten dvds a-roleplaying
Nine comics daydreaming
Eight weapons internetting
Seven dinosaurs a-writing
Six lizards a-firetwirling
Five ba-a-a-ad puns
Four video nasties
Three gunpowder plots
Two moral panics
...and a sex in a superdickery.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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V boom!

Silly Things to Do Overseas

Friends! Allies! Comrades! Stalkers!

I need help in compiling a list of, as the title says, silly things to do whilst overseas. So far I only have one original idea, this being...

Silly Thing #001: Make sure that I am wearing at least two snakes whilst on a plane. Even better, wear them with a turban.

Any additions to this short and sorry list would be most welcome, and I will try my gosh-darnedest *lawls* to achieve each silly thing (WITHIN REASON) during the next month. Documentation of these ventures and their consequences will of course be posted here.

The Silly List awaits!
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third eye

Go Go Gadget Random

Allo! It's been a while since I've posted, however I don't really have much that's ranks as exciting or inspiring enough to post. Go team Boring.

Last night I checked out Alycia and Bob's new joint. It's pretty rockin'! And their couch is comfy to sleep on, so this means I will be exploiting this place more often in the near future. *grins evilly* I'm sure they won't mind.

Also, I found this fantastic. It's from XKCD, a really random romance/maths/sarcasm/language webcomic that I recommend highly. The author is amazingly intelligent, and of course sarcastic- just how I like it.

I really should start using 'gosh-darned' to supplement my native 'fuck-damned'. Mein goht the delightful mindjobs that would induce ^_^.

I really don't have much else to say, though if anyone is free next Tuesday night, I was thinking of gathering some people to have drinks in the city or something, so I can see people before I head off and England steals me for a month. I leave next Thursday, for those too lazy to figure out when the 21st is lol.

Ooooh as a side note, I also really recommend the Prestige. It is an INTIMIDATINGLY good film. I could rant more, but it'd do you more good to run along and catch it while you can!

ANYWAY I better end the babble now, and probably wait 'til I have exciting stuff to say before posting again. Yes, yes I should totally take that advice.
Goodnight fair maidens and/or gentlemen!
Sayounara and fare thee well!

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