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Dubious Circumstances

It seems like merely a week or less ago when I posted an exciting special Terrorism Day post, complete with a sexy new V For Vendetta theme and a cute little image of Osama Bin Laden Airways I found on the internet. But alas, that was actually a year ago! So here we are again, September the Eleventh, 2007, all the sadder because, really, the only difference between this Terrorism Day and the last is that the year has changed by one.

I wasn't always a political person. In fact, the Queen of Lizards was quite the Body Shop hippie, wanting to save the whales and trees so she could hug them later on, oblivious to the fact that their decline underlined some sinister flaw in how the world around her worked. But alas (I seem to like that word today), those two towers crumbled and smouldered to the ground, and the events ensuing made the Lizard Queen go all dark and spikey.

One can go- "Gah Mel! Still on about that crazy War on Terror stuff?! Go and find yourself something else to rant about!" Well, I guess I could, and I'd be rather inclined to do so if the same problems we've had for the past SIX YEARS weren't STILL HERE. Afghanistan is still a sorry little impoverished country in the Middle East, and the Taliban are still running about there. Osama Bin Laden, some old crazy fanatic huddled away in a dingy cave, and mastermind of 9-11, is still at large. Free speech and similar human rights are constantly deteriorating as this ridiculous War on Terror continues, bounding across the world like some drunken oversized groodle. Long story short, I can't bring myself to ignore the incredible pile of injustice that's been going down during a war that technically can't be won- terrorism, 9-11 insinuations aside, is actually a war tactic, meaning, by pure logic alone, you just can't defeat it by WARRING on the damned thing.

The APEC Summit last weekend highlighted a lot of things for me, which I'll get around to posting about after (hopefully) seeing the highly anticipated footage of the Chaser's breach of 160 million dollar's worth of multilayered security systems. But for now, enjoy the rest of your Terrorism Day, and just, I dunno, ponder a little. And enjoy the little image I have left for you below.

You've probably all seen this image before. However, it's a pretty startling reminder that this chimpanzee of an individual, a functional illiterate who can't even hold a book the RIGHT WAY ROUND, managed to change the world with his lack of brilliance.

Now, let us imagine that there is an incredible mass of individuals out there who actually can hold a book the right way round, who can pronounce their words correctly, and have some detectable semblance of both a vocabulary and a perspicacity about them, who could, with the sheer might of their intellects alone, take this lowly individual out.

Surprise! This mass of individuals exists! We are this mass, and we need to make it very clear that we are not happy with the world's current modus operandi.

En garde!

Mel, Queen of Darkness and Lizards
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