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Of Winged Lightbulbs and Fantail Quetzacoatli

A Somewhat Frightening Discovery


third eye

Mel Anderson, socio-cultural terrorist extraordinaire. Affiliates with both lizards and darkness. Approach with caution.

A Somewhat Frightening Discovery

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V boom!
I've decided that I'm going to post up here more often. I miss LiveJournal, especially because it is so much better than Facebook.

Anyway, as the title suggests, I made a Somewhat Frightening Discovery today. I was idling some time away in front of Wikipedia, that wonderful fountain of knowledge, and eventually my morbid curiosity led me to the article on Hillsong.

When one finds a rotten smell in the house, one doesn't ignore it. No! One searches all the rooms until one finds the source of the odour.

So, from there I clicked on Wikipedia's list of albums produced by Hillsong, and this is where I found the neck-prickling discovery. I actually recognized a great deal of the names there. I could actually connect the names with tunes in my head- tunes that had been fisted into my brain by St. Catherine's assembly singalongs.

My highschool exposed me to Hillsong music. Gasp!

TERRIFYING?! I think so.

A fortunate twist of the fates that I turned out as sacriligeous as I am? Ditto!

Anyway, that's all the entertainment I feel like providing for tonight.
Sayounara and fare thee well!
S&Mel, Queen of Dark Lizards and Lizardy Darkness
  • I too know these songs...AND....words and actions. Cursed religious schooling.
    • Cursed indeed!

      What frightens (or entertains) me most about the whole thing is that, in our compulsory Scripture classes, we 'studied' cults, and what constituted a cult. And of course we were told about just how bad these cults were. Yet Hillsong, for some reason, were fine with the school.

      Had I known about Hillsong at the time, and that the stuff we were singing along to was also them, I would've pointed out to my Scripture teacher(who was also the principal) just how culty those corporate crazies are.
  • On another note they control peoples trendy brains by owning Gloria Jeans. thats right! i new there was no good reason to pay $7.50 for a cup of coffee unless you're supporting religous terrorists!
    • Pretty much! I've been boycotting Gloria Jeans for a while now. It's annoying because I did rather like their mint chocolate bombs.

      Apparently they use a good deal of the money earned from their Gloria Jean's venture to fund anti-abortion crap. So not only are they corporate crazies... but they are just overall crazies too.

  • It's not Gloria Jeans that pays for the "abortion counselling centres", but you know those fund-raising boxes they had at the counter for the "mercy" charity or some such, helping women in need? THAT was the anti-abortion money box.

    But yes, definitely crazies!
    • Helping women in need, huh?
      More like... uhmmn *cannot think of anything particular witty this time* NOT helping women in need.

      Take that, Hillsong.

      But wow, it takes some kind of nerve to present something like an anti-abortion campaign as a charity. Some kind of...crazy nerve.

      Also, my dad lives like, down the road from one of their churches. Next time I'm at my dad's place, I reckon I'm going to go there in the morning and help myself to the free breakfasts they have there, as some kind of publicity thing. That way, they'll be spending some of this potential anti-abortion money on feeding me instead.
  • Hillsong will burn in a fiery hell of their own creation, do not worry, but Boycott Gloria Jeans at will (I do)

    FYI: you can import your blog onto facebook...its in the notes section

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