justvdifferent (justvdifferent) wrote,

A Somewhat Frightening Discovery

I've decided that I'm going to post up here more often. I miss LiveJournal, especially because it is so much better than Facebook.

Anyway, as the title suggests, I made a Somewhat Frightening Discovery today. I was idling some time away in front of Wikipedia, that wonderful fountain of knowledge, and eventually my morbid curiosity led me to the article on Hillsong.

When one finds a rotten smell in the house, one doesn't ignore it. No! One searches all the rooms until one finds the source of the odour.

So, from there I clicked on Wikipedia's list of albums produced by Hillsong, and this is where I found the neck-prickling discovery. I actually recognized a great deal of the names there. I could actually connect the names with tunes in my head- tunes that had been fisted into my brain by St. Catherine's assembly singalongs.

My highschool exposed me to Hillsong music. Gasp!

TERRIFYING?! I think so.

A fortunate twist of the fates that I turned out as sacriligeous as I am? Ditto!

Anyway, that's all the entertainment I feel like providing for tonight.
Sayounara and fare thee well!
S&Mel, Queen of Dark Lizards and Lizardy Darkness
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