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Of Winged Lightbulbs and Fantail Quetzacoatli

Back to Poverty


third eye

Mel Anderson, socio-cultural terrorist extraordinaire. Affiliates with both lizards and darkness. Approach with caution.

Back to Poverty

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nny no i don't think so
Well, my application for the Coles checkout assistant position has been, as they say, unsuccessful.

Looks like it's back to the drawing board, and continuing poverty, for me.


Mel, Queen of Darkness and Lizards
  • Alex-sama!

    LiveJournal just hasn't been the same without your delectably eloquent cybernetic presence!

    The checkout-chick position was a desperate attempt of mine to find funds of some nature, any nature. Art is not a cheap mistress, as you would know. She doesn't dine on rubbery offal, wilted salads and the peasantry's wine. She expects the finest, rarest cuts, the freshest vegetables, and the connoisseur's choicest spirits. A damnably demanding yet enthralling wench.

    Evidently, Coles are not interested in hiring entities with working brains.

    And you know what, I think this is a rejection I can live with ;)
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