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Of Winged Lightbulbs and Fantail Quetzacoatli

Image Reboot


third eye

Mel Anderson, socio-cultural terrorist extraordinaire. Affiliates with both lizards and darkness. Approach with caution.

Image Reboot

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Just a quickie for today.

I thought I should warn people that they may or may not immediately recognize me due to a recent octopus-removal. The octopus being my insane crazy hentai tentacle-monster hair that seems to be very adept at warding off employment and eating small children.

I am now blonder and shorter (hair-wise) than I was at the beginning of the weekend. I'm also considering indigo streaks or something, because I can get away with it now that the tentacle-beast has departed.

Anyway, I'll update more substantially later on,
S&Mel, Queen of Darkness and Lizards
  • cephalopod removal can be a hazard, though. They do tend to grow back. :P

    I fully endorse indigo.
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