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Of Winged Lightbulbs and Fantail Quetzacoatli



third eye

Mel Anderson, socio-cultural terrorist extraordinaire. Affiliates with both lizards and darkness. Approach with caution.


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third eye
Argh- why are my hands and feet so fucked damned ITCHY?! I think I might be allergic to all the dust floating around at home at the moment. Never been so persistantly itchy in my life-aside from childhood chicken pox.

We're getting the dingy bathroom downstairs, which is right next to my room, renovated- so that explains the dust. It also means that we get our water cut off during the day, and people with jackhammers come galumping in at around seven in the morning, each morning, and that Mel doesn't get a lot of the little sleep she normally gets. I've trying to figure out how to sleep through jackhammers and the like- been successful sometimes, for a few hours, until something *really* heavy gets dropped or broken or something. Then I wake up, to my annoyance.

Anyway, that wasn't really the problem my brain wanted to vomit out, but hey. When you're taking ages to type a simple post because you're constantly hot damn scratching, I guess it makes itself significant.

Anyway, hypothetical time!

A hand feeds out kibble to a puppy whilst trying to teach it a trick. It's cute, and furry, and the hand gets to stroke it, but otherwise all the puppy does is snarf kibble and attention. The hand realizes that the puppy isn't making any progress with the trick. So it makes a more direct attempt to teach it. The puppy doesn't like this, as it doesn't involve kibble, and so it bites the hand. Frustrated, the hand withdraws. It doesn't like getting bitten! The puppy goes off and begs for kibble elsewhere, but doesn't really succeed. Everyone saw the cantankerous creature and its biting, and they don't really want any of that hot biting action. So puppy eventually comes back to the original hand that fed it, and, forgetting about the biting incident entirely, it decidedly wants kibble again.

Is it wrong for the hand to just look into the watery eyes of the little furry creature, and just feel the distinct lack of wanting to pet it and/or continue handing out the kibble?
  • I think I may know what this is about.

    Self esteem time, I say. How would you feel about yourself knowing that other puppies, ones who deserve kibble, are not getting it in favour of a puppy that is simply too dense to learn the trick?

    I say, be selfish. Keep the kibble, either give it to a deserving puppy, or be a puppy yourself and keep the kibble.

    Does the puppy make you happy? Is there a selfish reason for having the puppy's attention? If no to both of those, I say don't. If the puppy makes you happy, or if you want to be around the puppy for other reasons, stay and kibble it up. Just be aware that the puppy bites.
    • Normally I do not stress so much about puppies, even if letting them run rampant is detrimental to myself. However, some recent happenings involving a much older dog of mine may or may not make things very awkward, should the two ever come into contact.

      Best Case Scenario: Dog and puppy never meet.
      Worst Case Scenario: Ugly.
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  • (Anonymous)
    In exposing this issue, I feel her majesty Queen Smel has involuntarily confused the topic. It is an inaccurate allegory. A puppy in general is capable of returning a lasting affection irrespective of whether kibble is in surplus or deficit. This puppy, however, being a simple creature, lacks the capacity to analyse its condition. Kibble is the solitary focus of its minute frontal lobes; it pursues kibble with a mindless determination, but without understanding the tragedy of such a narrow focus, nor the effect its behaviour is having on the way we perceive it. And so I propose we alter this allegory to that of the Paramecium and the Pipette. The Paramecium, cutely wiggling its cilia, cannot return affection in the complex way we normally expect to have it returned. Its repertoire of gratitude is limited, and it responds to pleasant and noxious stimuli in a depressingly predictable manner. The Pipette, however, is an animated function of the Hand, which in its congress with the Eye is executing orders from the Mind. A complex being, of whom the Pipette is but a minor avatar, ought not expect too much from the tiny creature it feeds. Too true, the Pipette can alter the conditions in the culture dish, it can erect obstacles for the Paramecium, dribble nutrient to please it or caustic chemicals to vex it – but each time, there will be a stereotypical response, and it will not change with training. No amount of patience will help deliver the Paramecium into the enlightened world of macroscopic beings. And therefore, I propose that anybody worth of being termed a complex being should examine his or her motives. Why spend oneself in frustration trying to elicit an intelligent response from a crude and basic organism? Such change is impossible. Instead, one’s self ought to change, to grow cool and unsympathetic, so it may calmly and cynically exploit the repeating pattern of behavior, and profit from it- without expecting anything magically positive.
    So, in response to the question- it IS OK to stare coldly down the magnifying tube. If no lesson is learned by the microbes, let it be so because there was none taught.

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