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A Natural One


Argh. So many flavours of computer-related death running through the system at the moment. It seems that I have rolled a natural one in my Use (Computer) skill check. Consequences of such a roll are as follows...

1) Big Acer decides it's going to stop recognizing its internal mouse touch pad thingy, just because it can. Mel can no longer use the mouse, and therefore has to navigate the infernal machine using the keyboard alone. If she can be fucked to do so.

2) Little Usually Very Reliable Acer decides, after being a little bit neglected since Big Acer came, that it's not going to co-operate with the house's internet connection. It's reverting to its old blinking tricks (i.e maintaining a connection for about half a minute, then disconnecting, then re-acquiring the IP address, and then reconnecting all over again), which makes Mel rather frustrated.

3) Mel wants to pitch both Big Acer and Little Acer across room, but realizes this would do nothing productive (despite how well physical abuse works on 2000-2003 period iMacs).

Anyway, I thought all the blinking on MSN Messenger needed some explaining. So there you go.
*refrains from stabbing things*
S&Mel, Queen of Dark Lizards and Lizardy Darkness
Tags: rage against those machines
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