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An Odder Blast from the Past

I warn you now, the following is really really odd. As in, LSD trip type odd, but created without the LSD.

Whilst talking to Luke's girl Katy I remembered a really trippy dream I had a few years back. So trippy that I wrote it out on some random e-Group me and my school mates had. Adda promptly told me that she thought I was quite insane, which was probably the correct reaction.

Anyway, having found that post, I thought I'd post it up here, because this internet space won't disappear due to neglect.

"...Anyway it starts in my house of all strange places, and Maxo has just come back from the vet's. What was wrong with him I had no idea, but he needed some sort of... feather transfusion? So he comes back with pinkish-reddish rose petals as feathers. Cute, random, but way too strange. And it gets even weirder. I somehow took the identity of a fictious elder brother in the house instead of my own, and was having a chat with my mum on my brother's bed (I believe my bro actually turned into a sister for this dream). Mumsie was upset about us apparently strongly not agreeing with the marriage to Mark and said this most random thing ever, "I may as well marry a torpedo because all *you* are interested in is weapons of mass destruction." I'm understandably confused and reassure her that she can do whatever she liked, and that I was happy for her. She cheers up, and suddenly the viewpoint of the dream, very much like a movie camera, moves up along the wall next to us, and there's these pawprints on the wall. Oscar-sized pawprints, made with obviously fake Hollywood blood, as if the psycho puppy had been practising some kind of ritual. Me and Mum decide to escape. Somehow Malabar Rd turned into a 'Sound of Music'-esque grassy knoll, and we were skipping away from the house. There was this evil creature lurking about, which from afar looked like a white shitzu-maltese puppy on two legs, but close up it looked like Gollum with a Harry Potter goblin's head. We run away from that thing just to bump into these carnivorous mummified giraffes. We sneak past, but along the way I pick up a dead one, sling it over my shoulder and decide to nibble on it. I remember it tasted like some sort of sausage. And then we run into these things who call themselves 'hair-bringers' (what the fuck?), but they turned out to just be a flock of everyday peacocks. This silver sedan slides up beside us from nowhere, and suddenly the dream does that thing where everything changes but still makes sense whilst you're dreaming it. I am no longer the fictitious elder brother, nor am I myself, and Mum has vanished from existence. I'm in some chic suburban house and I actually switch between two characters in this part. One is this ten year old boy in daggy clothes, who was actually Sonic the Hedgehog. He's not bright blue, he's not a hedgehog, he's not even lightning fast, but somehow he was Sonic. The other character who was me at times was a Mexican pirate named Hero, dressed in traditional Mongolian costume (culture clash anyone?) and a sombero, who speaks with Antonio Banderas' voice. There's also this ten year-old Arctic pirate chick, who's dressed up in some Inuit-type stuff. Sonic is meant to be a mentor type to Hero the Mexican buccaneer, who is prolly meant to save the world, but the stupid non-hedgehog kid is bailing out. The reason? I don't know how or why (and honestly I don't want to know), but Sonic used to have a sexual relationship with Arctic chick, who has no name, despite the both of them being ten (ew!) but Arctic chick broke it off and Sonic's all whingey about it. Sonic asks for Artic chick to come back to him, but she refuses. Sonic, being whingey and all that, decides not to mentor Hero the Mexican anymore, so Arctic chick takes him on instead. That's when I learn that by meeting the hair-bringers that Hero someone saved a major island settlement of pirate people...and that's just where I had to wake up. I want to know how this crazy thing was meant to end! Damn it!"

But yes. Welcome to my brain, I guess. It's really fucking odd when it wants to be.

I totally need to make that Mexican Buccaneer a real character for something. I read that and just laughed. He was gold!

Anyway, sayounara and fare thee well!
S&Mel, Queen of Darkness and Lizards
Tags: dreams, gold!, just plain odd
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