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A Melbournian Salutation

Greetings my beloved audience.

Again, it's been a while. But then again, it's been a while since I've been bothered to LJ it up.

Tonight I am rocking out to some recently acquired/mooched from Cade sounds. Hot damn I am impressed with the Cade-o-tron's collection. The boy owns over 80 gigs of audio material, including the original War of the Worlds radio broadcast. You know, the one that convinced all the listeners that the aliens really were here and pwning their asses (and their planet!), and sent them all into a lovely huge-mongus panic. It's pretty cool.

Melbourne is a strange city, if one is as accustomed to the frantic caffienated energy of Sydney as I am. Personally I wouldn't find myself living here all too soon, but hey. Though there is a distinct and pleasant lack of over-commercialism, and it's been a lot easier to be culturally informed than it ever has been back at home. But then again, that may be due to living with Cade and Liam (and of course, their lovable roomate Tanya) rather than living in the city of Melbourne itself.

Highlights so far have been:
* Catching up with Liam and Cade- Of course I miss everyone back up in Sydney, but I have missed Liam and Cade a lot too. This past week has been pretty damn awesome, if you ask me.
* Camberwell Markets- These were some flea markets we visited rather blasphemously on Easter Sunday. I managed to pick up a copy of Plan 9 From Outer Space, one of the heaviest contenders there are for the "Worst Film Ever" Award. It is amazingly terrible, and terribly incoherent, yet so hilarious at the same time. Liam and Cade, true to form, came in expecting not to spend a single cent- yet came out with over $40 worth of lamps, books, old PC games and Super-8 cameras.
* Polyester- This was an awesome bookshop in Melbourne's CBD, home to a wide range of fantastic books, DVDs and comics. From the Satanic Bible and the Necronomicon, to Debbie Does Dallas and Extreme Bondage Fairies (issues #3 and onwards), this place has it. I picked up the first issue of a hilarious comic titled "The Crimson Gash Versus Hitler", and am wondering why I still haven't poured through its carnal delights just yet (three guesses what a crimson gash is kids!).
* The Astor Theatre- Holy shit this place is amazing. Basically, the Astor is a really old cinema that plays a more cultured assortment of films. Well, the cultured part is sometimes debatable, but hey. The place looks like how the Randwick Ritz used to be before it got gutted and renovated. Liam, Cade and I went to a special space B-movie screening of Robot Monster followed by Plan 9. I'd never seen Robot Monster before, but I had read about it and its awful creature design. Basically, the titular creature is some guy wearing a really oversized gorilla suit and an old diving helmet (complete with space-age antennae) who speaks with a Darth Vader-esque voice. Other highlights include the dismal acting and the random dinosaur fight sequence (using footage of a small alligator with a rubber Dimetrodon sail deathrolling a monitor lizard) that gets used TWICE!! Stellar entertainment, I must say.
* Looting and Trespassing- Liam has all the abandoned houses checked out, so today we went on a little adventure and explored them all. Though, not all of them were as abandoned as originally thought. Oops. We've also been looting the streets for unwanted furniture, seeing Liam and Cade had very little beforehand. I have photos of our exploits, don't you worry.
* Carmageddon- Okay, so this isn't really a highlight of Melbourne, but it's been a great addition to my video gaming experience. For those of you unfamiliar with the title, at first glance Carmageddon is a racing game, but in reality it's a delightful pedestrian-munching, car-crunching smash-fest. I've even managed to waste a cop car. Not by tipping it on its side, or sending it off into a bottomless pit of death, but I actually did it the "noble" way (i.e mashing it into a wall at high speed). Now given the armour on those things, and how deadly they can be, that's pretty damn 1337. Oh yeh, I went there lol. *revels in her nerdiness*

So things here, after careful consideration, have been pretty amazing. Well, amazing bar one overblown hiccough that is neither appropriate nor worthy to broadcast here. Hooray!

Anyway, beloved friends and readers, I bid you good night, and I will see you all soon enough. Hope you are enjoying your holidays!
S&Mel, Queen of Dark Lizards and Lizardy Darkness
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