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Skin Deep

Today, at the very moment at least, is a rather good day. Well, any day you discover something that has been plaguing your body/health for over four years (and counting) isn't as permanent as you originally feared is always a good day.

I went to the dermatologist today, and it seems like my skin problems are largely fixable. Yay!

Now I myself find problems with the body fascinating, so I thought I'd type up exactly what's going on with the skin for anyone else who shares a similar interest.

Apparently I have naturally dry skin. Could be genetics, could be environmental, could be aliens siphoning moisture from me- either way it just happens and the skin ends up being all thirsty. According to the dermatologist, people who are very frequently all wet (in the submerged in water sense, not the oh so horny sense) usually get dry skin in reaction to being in so much water so often. This sort of makes some sense, as I was swimming a damn lot four years ago. Dry skin results in dead skin cells blocking all the follicles where all the little hairs grow. When the follicles are blocked, the little hairs usually coil around themselves for a bit and then pierce into the flesh outside in their desperation to escape. These escaping hairs result in itchiness, redness and pus- delightful! Being a great big tomboy, I never moisturized, nor saw any merit in moisturization, so the zit-things stayed.

And now for the next step of what I've got. Being a silly teen at the time, I scratched and picked at them. Being a silly young adult now, I still do, particularly when procrastinating, stressed, upset, or unable to sleep due to the previous three. I've even caught myself red-handed, or more correctly, red-shouldered, whilst day-dreaming. Over the four years, all the skin related bugs have discovered that I'm a cozy place to stay, with lots of little open doors (sores) due to the picking, and have thus lodged themselves in there. So now I don't even need to pick and open things up in order to have them re-occur- they've all grown up and can do it all on their lonesome. Great for them, but not so good for me.

So what will it take to fix? Wet dressings (a four layered affair of moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, wet cotton and dry cotton) up to three times a day, but preferrably just once, anti-biotics if the wet dressings don't do anything after two weeks, and fuckwads of both self-discipline and willpower. Somehow I need to get my head around the habit, around why I do it, and maybe find something less destructive to do when I feel the urge to attack it.

I do like how there are no side effects to the anti-biotics I have prescribed, except for tooth-staining in an unborn child should I somehow get laid, forget about protection, get pregnant and forget to have an abortion/pill whilst on them. Pretty amusing.

Also, on a skin-related note, if anyone knows or is someone with either burns scars or just generic scars on their face, I would be very interested in talking to the scarred individual. My film idea for this semester is a documentary about scars, the stories behind how we got them, and the outside world's varying reaction to them. I really want to find someone with facial scarring to interview, as you cannot hide a facial scar and have to deal with people's reactions everyday. It'd be very interesting for me to look into.

Anyway, that's all for now,

Mel, Queen of Dark Lizards and Lizardy Darkness
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