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Bleeding and Greenie Hearts, Inc

Oh gods I cannot even begin to comprehend what is happening over Wendy's end. Fuck. Evidently more energy of mine will have to be re-directed that way. Not great for me, but hey, I've been a trooper all these 20 years and can deal. It's what I do.

Wendy, know that I am always available to talk, assuming my phone has battery or I am awake/coherent at the time of call.

For the rest of you, I have been shown a really disturbing video, which the angry greenie lefty scum in me is compelled to share. Before I copy-paste the link down, I may as well fire away on my opinion on it.

I am very not vegetarian. I enjoy meat, like many people out there. I trust strange meats in dishes way before I trust strange plants/fungii. Pig and chicken are my favourite meats. I know pigs are social, intelligent creatures too- in fact their flesh apparently resembles human meat closest, out of all the animals out there. And chickens are, very obviously, birds. I love birds- even more than cats and dogs. My darling Maxo is very much a bird. I would avenge any pain needlessly brought to her very physically, very swiftly, and very mercilessly.
I don't eat lamb because I'm allergic to it. Also, in hindsight, the idea of eating something that's barely had a shot at life at all makes me feel kinda bad. I also feel kinda wrong with milk and veal, knowing that little calves get slaughtered in the production of both. But damn it cheese and ice cream taste so damned good (I'm not really a fan of the taste of veal), and I myself am very detached from the calf-killing. I may have to change something there so that my opinion and daily action actually match up. Bugger- that's going to be difficult. But at least I recognize the mismatch though.

I disagree totally with the inhumane killing of animals, emphasis on the word 'inhumane'. I eat free-range and cruelty free when I have the choice, be it eggs, dairy or meat.

But I'll be flayed alive and stir-fried before I suppress my outrage at the contents of this video. I had to watch it thrice in order for my brain to comprehend the tolerance of needless pain and disregard for the life experience of the other intelligences involved. And then I cried. That's not something Mel does often, as those who know Mel would know. Mass murderers get better deaths than the dolphins here, who have done nothing but have meat that serves as a good whale meat substitute. Like dude, these are creatures that have character and intellect enough to enjoy sex for pleasure, just like the humans I know do.

Even if you don't care about animal welfare, there are more efficient ways to get meat off a dolphin. One, you don't drag its body, whilst still alive, along the road on the way to the slaughtering site. You lose bits of tasty dolphin on the way. And you don't need to make them suffocate by slitting their throats. The meat goes all chewy and stringy because the animal is all stressed, with all that pesky adrenaline racing through the bloodstream. The blood (which can be used for pharmaceutical testing and cooking in some cultures, apparently) is lost and wasted in the cracks of the concrete floor. And also the critters take ages to damn well die! Quicker deaths mean that more dolphins can be processed in a shorter period of time, which means more product and more sales, right? Quickly deceased dolphins also take up less space than flailing, spasming, gasping-for-breath dolphins, so you can slaughter more in smaller, cheaper premises. I really don't understand the need for such grisly ways for them to die. Economics certainly isn't in the picture.

Here's the link, for those interested in spreading the word/rage --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UOGgUdNhVM

I also disagree with the racist comments made by a few of the people who left comments on the video. Pain is not resolved with more pain, despite how gratifying it may feel. Another Hiroshima will not save dolphins. The fishermen are a minority in Japan, and it's highly likely that they don't agree with what they're doing too. But it pays bills, and feeds crying kids. The happy, rolling-in-profits-and-cooshy-office-chairs business executives of the institutions behind the fishermen are more the kind of people you need to point fingers at. Though the chances are that they're under the command of some richer, cooshier, even more detached tychoon. Humans really know how to suck that way.

Argh it's late. Better end the anger here so I can actually sleep. The upset is only going to convert itself into deadlier and less controllable forms of rage if I continue. Even *I* am afraid of a truly enraged Mel.

Good night, fare friends.

S&Mel, Queen of Darkness and Lizards
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